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100 Percent Whole-Wheat Bread Baked Goods
100% Parmesan Chicken Main Dish
100% Pleasure's Pumpkin Pie Baked Goods
100% Whole Wheat Bread Baked Goods
101 Garlic Chicken Main Dish
112544 -- Almond Poppy Seed Tea Bread Baked Goods
114161 -- Almond Poppy Seed Bread Baked Goods
12-Egg-White Angel Food Cake Baked Goods
14 Carrots Cake Dream Baked Goods
14-Carat Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting Baked Goods
14-Day Sweet Pickles Cheese
15 Bean & Winter Squash Not Chili Beans and Grains
15 Min Lemon Cheesecake Baked Goods
15 Minute Cheesy Chili'N Rice Skillet Beans and Grains
15-Minute Creamy Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta
15-Minute Stroganoff Pasta
15-Minute Tomato Soup Chicken
16 Oz. Ziti Noodles Beef
16th-Street Stew^ Beef
18 Minute Chocolate Cake Baked Goods
1850 Blackberry Pie Baked Goods
1935 Chocolate Bread Baked Goods
1937 Soda Bread Baked Goods
1944 Green Tomato Pie Baked Goods
1959 City School Sour Cream Coffee Cake Breads
1981 Winning Recipe Chili Beef
1981 World Champ Butterfield Stageline Chili Beef
1981 World Championship Butterfield Stageline Chili Beef
1986 Winner: Almond Thumbprint Cookies Baked Goods
1986 Winner: Butter Crisps Baked Goods
1986 Winner: Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies Baked Goods
1986 Winner: Coconut Joys Baked Goods
1986 Winner: Impatient Person's Cheese
1986 Winner: Praline Cookies Baked Goods
1986 Winner: Rolled Animal Cookies Baked Goods
1986 Winner: Sirups Kager (Danish Brown Spice Cookies) Baked Goods
1988 1st Place: Fay Kuhn's Thumbprints Baked Goods
1988 2nd Place: Pat Egan's Christmas Tree Cookies Baked Goods
1988 3rd Place: Gloria Heeter's Best Gingerbread Cookies Baked Goods
1989 1st Place: Melt Aways Baked Goods
1989 2nd Place: Great-Grandma's Gingerbread Cookies Baked Goods
1989 Honorable Mention: Butter Cookies Baked Goods
1989 Honorable Mention: Dottie's Mexican Wedding Cookies Baked Goods
1989 Honorable Mention: Jelly Christmas Eyes Baked Goods
1990 1st Place: Nut Crescents Baked Goods
1990 2nd Place: Mom's Sugar Cookies Baked Goods
1990 3rd Place: Shortbread Sheep Baked Goods
1991 1st Place: Caramel Pecan Treasures Baked Goods
1991 2nd Place: Oma's Almond Cookies Baked Goods
1991 3rd Place: Christmas Ginger Cookies Baked Goods

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