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1992 1st Place: Gingerbread Bears Baked Goods
1992 2nd Place: Pecan Tassies Baked Goods
1992 3rd Place: Chocolate Mint Sticks Baked Goods
1993 1st Place: Ginger Cookies Baked Goods
1993 2nd Place: Mozart Cookies Baked Goods
1993 3rd Place: Empires Baked Goods
1993 3rd Place: Springerle Baked Goods
1994 1st Place: Rumprint Cookies Baked Goods
1994 2nd Place: Surprise Packages Baked Goods
1994 3rd Place: Kolachkes Baked Goods
1995 1st Place: Swedish Spice Cookies Baked Goods
1995 2nd Place: Brown Butter Maple Spritz Baked Goods
1995 3rd Place: Christmas Rocks Baked Goods
1995 4th Place: Friendship Cookies Baked Goods
1995 5th Place: Joan's Little Joys Baked Goods
1996 1st Place Winner: Chocolate Shots Baked Goods
1996 2nd Place Winner: Shortbread Cookies Baked Goods
1996 3rd Place Winner: Pecan Cookies (Polvorones) Baked Goods
1996 Honorable Mention: Kourambiethes (Almond Shortbread) Baked Goods
20 Minute Chocolate Cake Baked Goods
20 Minute Hamburger Skillet Stew Beef
22 Minute Chocolate Cake Baked Goods
290655 -- Ziti Casserole Main Dish
291073 -- Ziti Casserole Main Dish
291284 -- Ziti Casserole Main Dish
293460 -- Ziti Casserole Beef
293915 -- Beef Ziti Casserole Beans and Grains
3-Bean Casserole Beans and Grains
3-Step Cheesecake Baked Goods
3-Step Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe Baked Goods
30 Minute Chili Beans and Grains
30-Minute Beef Stroganoff Beef
4 Bean Salad Beans and Grains
40 Clove Garlic Chicken (Svmf28b) 1i29 Main Dish
40-Second Omelet Breakfasts
461679 -- Lasagna Pasta
461743 -- Baked Beans Beans and Grains
461744 -- Baked Chicken with Apples Beans and Grains
461750 -- Brunswick Stew Chicken
498795 Aunt Catherine's Italian Cookies Baked Goods
49er Christmas Bread Baked Goods
5 Bean Soup Beans and Grains
5-Hour Beef Stew Stews
5-Spice Chicken Main Dish
5094 Friendship Cake Baked Goods
565645 Baboti Beef
57& Honey Glazed Kabobs Main Dish
573762 Pastichio (Greek Lasagna) Pasta
6 Bean Soup Beans and Grains
6 Minute Chocolate Cake Cake

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